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Riveride RV Park and Resort

As a family owned and operated RV Resort, with 40+ years in the hospitality business we invite you to come stay with us to visit the area and relax. We would be delighted to accommodate your stay while in the area. You are also invited to join us for church Sunday at the pavilion starting at 10am. Our services run every Sunday starting on Easter and run through October. We would love to have you!


Formerly Jacob

Formerly Jacob is Christian band, firmly rooted in Jesus Christ. Our mission is to share the Gospel wherever God leads us. We have a passion to seek out and reach people who are lost, broken or weighed down in life and are searching for purpose in this world. We strive to empower all people with the hope found in the salvation that only Jesus Christ provides through His sacrifice on the cross and His resurrection.


National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools

Dear Friend,

A program is underway to serve the public through educational efforts concerning a First Amendment right and religious freedom issue. This is to bring a state certified Bible course (elective) into the public high schools nationwide.

The curriculum for the program shows a concern to convey the content of the Bible as compared to literature and history. The program is concerned with education rather than indoctrination of students. The central approach of the class is simply to study the Bible as a foundation document of society, and that approach is altogether appropriate in a comprehensive program of secular education.

Elizabeth Ridenour

The world is watching to see if we will be motivated to impact our culture, to deal with the moral crises in our society, and reclaim our families and children.

Please help us to restore our religious and civil liberties in this nation.

President's Signature

Elizabeth Ridenour
President NCBCPS

To date, our Bible curriculum has been voted into 4,000 high schools in 41 states. Over 650,000 students have already taken this course nationwide, on the high school campus, during school hours, for credit.


Paul Begley Prophecy

Pastor Paul caught the world's attention with the revelation of the Hosea Prophecy and Texas Blood Lake; which has been featured in Time magazine, CNN and many mainstream networks and magazines. As an evangelist, Paul holds revivals across America and internationally. Paul has held crusades as far away as Orissa, India.Currently pastoring for more than 32 years in the Starke County area of Indiana and  co-pastors with his father, Charles Begley, at the Community Gospel Baptist Church in Knox, IN. Pastor Paul also sings praise and worship and has recorded gospel CDs called "Pastor Paul Begley Country Gospel" and "Wayfaring Stranger".As an author, Pastor Paul has written six end time books, Hosea Prophecy, Texas Blood Lake, Mark of the Beast RFID, Zombie Apocalypse, Jerusalem Jihad, and Reflections From the Land of the Prophets.


Aliyah Return Center

Aliyah Return Center (ARC) is an Israel based registered non-profit organization,helping Jewish new immigrants establish roots in the land of Israel and thrive.We are a Bible-believing, prophecy-fulfilling, non-proselytizing,ministry built on a foundation of love in uncompromising faith.


Favour Africa

Favor International serves to transform war-torn victims into purpose-driven Christian soldiers, equipped to advance the Gospel in villages and mobilized to advance the Kingdom in nations.We see trauma being broken, communities being revitalized, poverty shrinking in the past, and darkness being driven away by the power of the Gospel in action. We multiply and accelerate leaders empowered by the Holy Spirit with discipleship to bring Biblical solutions to their own cultures.


Casa Luz (House of Light)

Casa Luz (“House of Light”), near San Jose, Costa Rica, is a haven for adolescent mothers who come from extreme poverty and have been abused and/or exploited. Our purpose is to help


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